Who are we?

We are a moderately-oiled, project-based, student-run tech design team at SFU that's dedicated to creating a warm community of both experienced and inexperienced makers.

What do we do?

At our club, we promote the sharing of knowledge, tools, and experience. It's a space where students can collaborate on technical projects involving mechanical, electrical, and computer design. We believe that you don't need to be an engineer to create cool things so students of all disciplines are welcome.

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What are we doing now?

Currently, we have 3 ongoing projects through which you can develop different skills.

  • Nimble - Versatile robot arm
  • Turner - Game playing AI
  • PodSpace - Social product design

You can find more on them on the projects page


Our Current Club Exec Team

Michael Lam


Caleb Taylor

Media Director

Nichelle Eng

Logistics Manager

Elvis Eshikena

Project Manager

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