Robotic Arm
Robotic Arm


Versatile Robot Arm

A robot arm is a simple sophisticated tool which can be used in performing various tasks efficiently and repeatedly. This project aims to develop and assemble a working arm using Printed parts and develop a control system for them arm

We are embarking on this project because it contains the fundamentals of Engineering and Design, meaning anyone interested can work on some part of it.

Ultimate TicTacToe - Gamesport Platform
Ultimate TicTacToe - Gamesport Platform


Game playing AI

The game of Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe has captured our attention as a game which is challenging, exciting and unpredictable. We are tasking ourselves with creating an Ultimate Ultimate tic-tac-toe bot to compete in the online code-sport games. Through this project, we will be learning about training, and deploying AI to solve specific problems.

Modular Sleeping Pod - Munich Airport
Modular Sleeping Pod - Munich Airport


Social Design Initiative

PodSpace creates an affordable on campus residence option to university students. To prototype a minimum viable product that can be demoed for pilot projects and investors. Through integrating the internet of things technology, produce a smarter sleeping experience for the Co-Living concept.

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