Wireless multi-robot control using a single controller

The is project involved the design of swarm robots and a controller for swarm for the swarm. The team started of by designing multiple iterations of the robots (A Gen1 PCB is depicted above). Afterwards came the swarm controller which was accomplished using an overhead camera and image-processing.

Through the project, we were able to accomplish autonomy of robots to track a specific location and plan a path to get to the location. source

Project Team

  • Steven Richter
  • Harkirat Gill
  • Benjamin Atbi


Robot modification and design

This project involved the construction and programming of a bipedal robot based off the a Lynxmotion Chassis.

The team was able to adapt the chaisis to stronger servos and programmed a walking motion.

Project Team

  • Gabe Chiu
  • Nilou Asemani
  • Jason Fung
  • Kyle McCaffrey
  • Marko Jovanovic


Electrification of an existing long-board

The is project involved the modification of a stock longboard to build a working electric long board.  We succeeded in adding an ESC, one motor and a batterypack to our board an conducted successful test runs!

Project Team

  • Enerson Cervantes
  • Darwin Chang
  • James Liu
  • Matthew Mendoza